Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Hi mom I don't have much time
It was so great to see everyone on christmas eve!!   I will try to send some pics. Thank you for EVERTHING loved it ALL AND THE QUOTE BOOK WAS AWSEOME!
One thing on christmas it was 42 degrees c here thats about 108 plus humidity. The girl from up near where Ben is serving said this is what it feels like at home. I said how do you get anything done in this heat? WHAT do you do? She said sit around a fan and hope for death lol. Have fun Ben!
The sunday before Christmas, Well, I led the music.   No piano so I sang the introduction haha.  Elena, Marcio & Gonzaga came to church & Elena left so happy.  She loved primary.  Gonzaga said this was the answer he needed.  Sweet! 
 Wow. Its been so crazy. The first days are not easy. One thing i forgot to mention is one of the first things my mission presidents wife said to me is ýou look like a little girl. How old are you.'   Lol. Again..... Always happens ha.
There are little maggot-like black worms that I discovered under my shampoo bottle last time I was showering.  You pick up the bottle and they are on the floor and they crawl away to the edge, so I have little friends in there with me so I never shower alone :D 
We're watching movies today which is awesome. (received this on New Years Eve)   Oh i cleaned the bathroom today... holy yuck.   I'll never complain about cleaning our bathrooms at home ever again.
Also i have some letters i plan on sending later to people. OH!!!! The mini preach my gospels in portuguese. Everyone here wants one. Whenever I whip it out people FREAK!   It's amazing and everyone wants one.  Ah I wish I could give one to everyone!  It's SO much easier and better!
The choc kisses were great but I ate them all real fast cause it was 108 that day and we only have one fan and no a/c.
  Def wont be sending all the leters today this comp is super slow.  Have you ever read the lyrics to a poor wayfaring man of grief? Oh my goodness they are amazing. 5 elders sang that song accapella before I left the ctm and I about cried it was beautiful.
gtg bye love you.

P.S.  Christmas at the bishops house was awesome!  I loved it.  His daughter loves a cerain british band and was playing their music the whole time we were there almost. Gods gift to me was coldplay music on christmas :D The church is true!! I'll have to write a snail mail letter.  Love you all!!

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