Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lonely Mosquito, Mwhahaha

Januray 21, 2013

my misison home address is on my blog the very first post but here it is.
For packages use my full name without sister. SO Erica Renee Green.
R. Feliciano Nunes Pires
#42 Centro
CEP: 8815-220

Thank you so much for the email! Also glad to hear about Tressa!  My peanut butter is all gone if you can believe it... I guess thats what happens when you have bananas and peanut butter every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner haha. Anyway. I'm also in great need of muscle rub. AND A COOKIE RECIPE. The Brazillians here always ask me about cookies cause they don't know how to make them! I don't think they even have chocolate chips haha. Forgot to take a pic of the gps sorry :( anything you send me though should be sent to the mission home. Its the safest way. seriously. So just use that address above and i'll get letters about once a month. Poopy but its better than having thongs stolen. I typed that wrong but decided to leave it. hahaha. Hope you enjoyed that mom.
I got my revenge on a mosquito the other day. Sprayed it with repellent. It didn't die but at least now it will live a sad life of solitude because none of it's mosquito friends will want to be around it. mwahahaha.
Those packets of mixes are for sure a blessing. HOWS BEN????? Tell him elder martins asked me for his CTM roommates address and names all the info he can give. If he wants to write Elder Martin's that info I'd be grateful cause it's breaking the rules to send a letter to another missionary in your mission. I'd have to get permission from the president to send that information. I don't know if i told you but a recent convert gave me a gag shock pen. I can read english :).  I knew what it was. But I believed Sis Machado when she said it didn't work. I use it now during lessons or study when i'm falling asleep.I  don't even have to use the shock, just thinking about shocking myself wakes me up haha.
We had an amazing week. We didn't have any baptisms but that city Jaguaruna we have started going to is just a font waiting to be filled. Every person we met was receptive and excited about the Book of Mormon. They said it only makes sense that there were people living in the Americas. A lot of them have been looking for the truth and didn't know where to find it. So pumped! We are having a big fhe tonight at a members house there. Sis Machado said I need to teach the message because she thinks it's more powerful when Americans teach because of the gift of tongues, but I am kind of... panic. That's the word. There will be over 20 people and if I screw this up... man. Ah. Anyway. Hows Ben? Oh and hows Ben? Oh and what's Ben doing?  That's all I got for this week.  Love you guys and thank's for writing me!
Sister Green

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