Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are You Sexy, or Do You LIke To Kill?

Well Sis C. leaves tomorrow.  That means I may or may ot have a companion tomorrow after 5 a.m. and I may or may not go proselyting.  I don't remember much stuff that happened this week.  I'll have to go through my journal.  Sister Caldwell has just been packing the last few days.  Also orientation for the field has beenhappening this week.  Sister Caldwell had a meeting this week that they told me I didn't have to go with her.  So I was alone in the classroom with just 2 Elders.  It was very odd haha.  The Elders assigned us animals.  Elder Palmer is a black bear, Elder Gregory is an elephant, Elder Haws is a bull.  Elder Nascimento is a chimpanzee/skunk.  Elder Stinnett is a kudu, I am a lioness, and Sister Caldwell is a bobcat.  So the Halloween we're home, we're dressing up as our animals & sending a picture to our Elders.  Saturday & today (sunday) Brazil, or a team from Brazil were playing in the National Championship or world championship or something.  It was world cause they played against Chelsea, a team from England in the finals.  Well they won!  And everyone knew about it.  Fireworks have been going off all day from 6 a.m.  It sounds like there's a war going on outside!  We thought people were being shot.  But nope, people just setting off fireworks from their apartment balconies!  Last p-day after my letter, Sister Caldwell & I sang a duet of "far far away on Judeas Plains" as the prelude for the devotional.  The man talked about 2 Ne 31 & his wife said something that stuck.  She said that the people you talk to-if they don't convert, they will forget you ever existed.  If they DO, they will always remember you existed.  Open you mouth. 
I have a song for you.  Play Justin Biebers "boyfriend or girlfriend" or whatever it is but replace his lyrics with these.
If you were my convert, I'd never let you go
Teach you all the stories you'd ever want to know
Take you to new places you've never been befo'
memorize the scriptures like Alma 34
(swag swag swag) it's true.
Check the black nametag-you know how we do.
Cause being converted will make you feel brand new
We must go everywhere in two's, two's, two's.
That's all I got.
Thursday we got new Brazillians.  Also on thursday I got 9 new mosquito bites to keep all the other bites company!  They don't sleep here.  One on my elbow was the size of a golf ball.  Others swelled to about quarter size.  People think I have leprosy.  No big deal.  And I swear I'm the only one who gets bitten.  Good to know my blood is especially delicious :)  Volleyball was great thursday.
Saturday-I forgot to write something about the other day.  We thought Elder Martin was the Elder making annoying cat noises everywhere in the CTM (I don't think it was him, we have now caught the culprit) but Sister Caldwell asks him at lunch "voce um gato"?  Are you a cat?  He raised his eyebrows & says "sim" and presents his body which was confusing.  His companion laughed & told us (he speaks english) that in Brazil when you tell someone they are "um gato" it means "sexy".  Woops.  Good to know haha.  Also the other day Sister Caldwell showed me something & I tried to say freak but it came out "feak" so now we speak without "r's" sometimes.  "Feks sister Caldwell!  you'e my best fiend"  We find it funny.  
Ben's district had TRC with us.  The really nice blonde one accidentally asked me if I liked to kill, instead of if I wanted to change.  Sister Caldwell & I spent the whole rest of the time trying not to laugh.  I love this language!!
Any good music?  Music?  Any by that I mean movies?  Pretty tired. Yup.
We went proselyting.  It was raining pretty hard, and we left pretty late.  We took a 30 min. bus ride on public transportation to the area, had 10 min. to find people, got back on the bus & went back to the CTM.  On the bus to the area it was very crowded.  I was standing next to the instructor facing 2 people.  The teacher was a total ginger who looks like he should come from Ireland but he grew up in the most dangerous area in Sao Paulo.  We were near the front where the guy scans your card on the bus.  I had the thought.  "you've been told to talk to everyone-what are you waiting for?"  At that time I had 3 BOM's.  Most people had 4 per companionship.  I started talking to the people in the front of me.  We talked about different things & of course my lack of language & accent brought us to why I'm here.  Told them about my purpose.  Gave out 3 BOM's.  Two to the people sititng & 1 to the guy taking tickets.  The instructor helped me answer all the questions they were asking.  I looked around & all the Elders were talking with people in the bus.  It was awesome!  The people around us were listening to our conversation as well.  It was wet & rainy & I loved it.  I prayed it wouldn't be hot & for me it was perfect weather.  So grateful.
It's been very lonely by myself since Sister Caldwell left.  Guess I got used to having a companion.  The Brazillian Sisters have been so thoughtful & loving.  One of them came in to check on me while I was packing.  I went down to breakfast this morning.....walked in......stopped and thought, "wait...who am I going to sit with?"  It was sad....but funny.  Don't worry, there were plenty of people.  While I was packing I just felt so grateful.  The spirit was just overwhelming & I knelt in prayer & said thanks to Heavenly Father for helping me & letting me be here. Until next time, I will be out in the field! 
To my friends who are reading this.  HI!!!  I would LOVE some updates :)  Email me if you like at
Love you all and a very Merry Christmas!  I miss everyone but I am so excited for my first Mission Christmas!!
Sister Green

Sunday, December 16, 2012

LOVED the suitcase and all you sent. THANK YOU!! Yay for the Ipod shuffles. You didn't have to do that! I am excited for music! Loved the Bott excerpts. So helpful. I'll work hard on those qualities. I can only have Mo-Tab music, music with the Church's seal, so no EFY either, so keep that in mind when you put music on there. Thank you!
BEN GOT HERE!!!!!! Ben & I are in the same branch here which means I get to see him on Sundays!! And we have the same P-day for 1 week, my last P-day so we get to go to the temple @ I can show him around before I leave :) We go proselyting monday & I am nervous! Holy Cow. Real People. Who speak Portugese really really fast! It has been getting hotter today and the A/C keeps breaking haha.
I don't know if Ben told you about the arrival but I tried to go out & meet him (I was watching the arrival dock all morning cause it's right outside my class window) & I was sent back. I learned it was against the rules to greet new missionaries. So I had to wait 1/2 hour to see him at lunch. I ran out when he was in line to get in & hugged him & he picked me up. Ahhh so amazing to see my lil' brother!! :):) The videos (on her camera) and tape were amazing. I'll have to make sure it's cool with the mission pres that I record before I do it. Don't want to be disobedient. Every mission is different. Ben has it now so I don't remember what it said.
Both me & 3 Elders in my district loved the map of the travels in the Book of Mormon. They traced it and took notes from the cards. I noticed there were other presents in the suitcase from Angie & Kris. I wish I could give you all something in return, but just know your love fills my heart every day when I think of how blessed I am to have the family I do.
It's now sunday. From my journal entries: Elder Adams, (was a doc in Vietnam) bore a testimony about a soldier in Vietnam who was flying a bomber place & was hit by a missile. he crashed & broke his back. he was taken by enemy soldiers to a camp they (the American Troops) didn't know existed. He was beaten & Tortured every day. The only pain reliever they had for him was vodka. At first he wouldn't take it. He'd never broken the word of Wisdom. One day the pain was too much to bear & he drank some. Meanwhile the American forces had discovered this camp where they kept American POW's. They were about to execute the rescue mission but somehow the enemy found out about it & moved the prisoners to a camp in another part of their territory. At this point (srgnt) Rodriguez had thought that God had all but forgotten about him. He was laying in his call, in so much pain, and about to abandon his faith & give into despair & doubt, when he noticed a tapping on the stone wall separating his call from anothers. The prisoner next to him was also a member. The only way the prisoners could communicate with each other is through morse code. He soon noticed this neighbor was sending him a message. "Come......Come......Ye.....Saints......No toil.....nor.........labor.....fear" he couldn't hear the tapping anymore, but heard in his head the whole tabernacle choir & then he knew God had not forgotten him. After that devotional we were tired, put so pumped about the gospel.
Holy cow, I didn't believe people when they said it'd go by fast. We have goodbye orientation this week. We went proselyting yesterday. Oh my goshie. It was so hot. We gave out 3 BOM's & sang a bunch of christmas songs or hymns to people. Lots of people "already had a Book of Mormon" because they live around the CTM. (we proselyted in the CTM boundaries). We had a devotional the other night about a convert who had 21........yes, that is 10 = 11=21 kids, 18 of which were adopted. He worked hard every day & always provided for his family. They never have received help from the government. He also has 5 R.M.'s, 5 currently serving, & 5 waiting for calls. He paid for all of the missions without help. Oh my goshie. The first baby they adopted---the father of this family is a paramedic. He got a call one night at about 4 or 5 a.m. Soon after birth, the mother had pout the baby in a plastic bag, and thrown him in a ditch at the side of the road. His umbilical chord had been brutally ripped from his body & he was suffering from hypothermia. The father held the baby close to his chest, trying to warm him up & begging God to let him live. The child lived & later became his. I'm sure you know the beautiful principle that was taught here.
Proselyting- we gave one to a man that was smoking in his truck & when the Elders in our district passed him, he was reading the introduction! Woot! We went up to a park & stopped a lady. She said she'd always seen missionaries around but nobody had stopped to talk to her. We gave her a BOM & she asked how much it costs haha. It's FREE! She was very nice. We gave out the other one to a lady sitting near. She had a religion, but her cousin or niece in Mozambique was LDS. Maybe a miracle will happen. There were like 40 missionaries in a small area so next time we're being bussed to a different area.
Traffic here is still crazy!
We were doing the "12 days of Christmas" but really more like the "12 days until we leave" with different things for people, mostly notes. We were sneaking around with our next note & were taping it to an office door when we were caught red handed by Elder Steadman. We literally ran. He told everyone, so we're busted :( I get really sad thinking about saying goodbye to Sister C & Irmao Costa (teacher).
Sister Caldwell rocked proselyting. She did a lot of the talking which was very good cause I was too nervous. I guess I just don't have the confidence yet. I will though, I am determined :) I'm really glad she did so well! I hope to follow her example :)
Love you ALL
Sister Green

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ben, Ben, Ben!!!!!

Oi Ma!
Oh my goodness I loved the pictures.  Little Anya with a big smile!  
 I get to go to the temple every week but I only have 2 more times I can go.  No temple in Florianapolis so you will have to go extra for me :(  I am going to miss going to the temple, it's such a special place. 
BENS COMING!!!!!!!!!
They got the letter later than usual this week.   I heard you sent chocolate zucchini bread & other goodies to Ben.  JEALOUS. 
Ma, I'm so sorry about the camera.  It was a total accident & I was devestated & I really liked the camera too.  You can just send the nice one I have at home or buy another one.  Life goes on.  I guess. 
About the robbery.  It was close to the edge of our boundaries-where Sister C. & I & 2 other sisters were the day before- & a man came up & dug a gun into one of the Elder's necks so hard it bled.  He took their bags- had everything in it, money, camera, scriptures, notes...& the guy hopped on his buddies motorcycle & rode off.  So we aren't allowed to take out bags anymore on P-day. 
I'm excited for the map of the geography of the Book of Mormon you're sending me.  How was Les Mis?  Yes, I'd like a conference Ensign.  That story of Anya, kissing and hugging the photo made me tear up.  I'm so glad she remembers me.
Tuesday-an excellent day.  We did some shopping & laundry but my blue skirt bled all over Sis. Caldwells stuff.  Ugh, man.  We washed it in cold.  She has two white shirts & a white lace skirt.  Gah.  We worked out for an hour & on our way back to the room we saw Africa.  Africa is our favorite Brazillian guy.  We'd sit by him at meals & joke with him.  He helped us with Portugese & it always made us happy to see him.  He's been waiting for his visa to go to Mozambique.  His group left & he stayed in the CTM waiting.  Another week.  Waiting.  So on tuesday after his other companion left he told us (on our way back from gym) that they were sending him to the Sao Paulo Interlagos mission until he got his visa.  It made us happy for him but very sad.  He gave me a note as well as Sister Caldwell.  Mine says (it's in Portugese so forgive the rough translation.  Ma don't post this! 
 (sorry erica :)) 
Sister Verde :)
I'd like to leave this note with you to remember me & also I'd like to thank you for always comforting me & being such an excellent woman.  I am certain that you will be an awesome Sistre & you are going to make a big difference in Florianapolis, the people are going to love you!  Congrats on your [ability] to learn Portugese.  You speak VERY well & don't worry about your accent, it makes you different from all the rest. 
Thank you for making me excited & for the pretty hymns.  You are Special! (in smaller writing) I shouldn't write this, so the letters are very small.  But your husband or boyfriend will be a man of luck :)
Good luck!  I will feel your absence.
So sweet.  What a kind soul.  The last part made me chuckle.  Don't worry, he has a girlfriend he loves very much.  :)  He left & it was very sad.  He teared up a little I think.
The next days were really rough.  All of our better friends had left.  We were pretty lonely.  
On thursday, we had an onery substitute who "hates" everyone as Irmao Costa says.  He told us our Portugese was terrible & criticized our teaching skills. 
Friday  We practiced our quartet "Angels we Have Heard on High"- Irmao Costa asked us on tuesday if we'd sing with him.  We grabbed a base wednesday. & put together the group.  It's a way easy song & sounded pretty good.  The good thing that happened was I found out my brother was coming!!! 
  We were all told to get our cameras & go down to the courtyard for the traditional lighting of the christmas lights.  That was fun except the part where my camera broke.  Congrats Ash-How was the wedding?  Today has been fine.  I fasted for charity, or a different personality-either one.  Ha.  Oh!  Sis. C's ex-ish boyfriend (he doesnt know yet) is taking missionary discussions for the 15th time & reading the Book of Mormon.  Sis. C. is doubtful he's doing it with the right mindset but we're praying for a miracle!
Also Ma-in my blessing there is a chosen & Chosen.  It says there's a difference to being chosen & living up to the challenge of a Chosen One.  Why is Chosen capitalized?  I know it's a title but I don't know what it means.  What's the difference?  Could you do that research for me this week?   Also, don't worry about me.   Can't wait to see Ben! 
Well, P-day again.  On a bus.  I'm so grateful I can go to the temple every week here.  We talked to a Brazillian from Rio who drives 7 hours one way just to get to a temple.  We have about 6 temples within an hour of us.  I hope you all take advantage of that.  The Temple is such an amazing thing.  Did you watch the Christmas Devotional? 
I'm feeling much better this week.  A little more confident in my Portugese.  One of our old roommates wrote us a letter.  Aw.  I met some Brazillians going to Floripa.  Our 2nd set of roommates left.  We sang more for them than for us.  They bawled.  
  One of them doesn't wake up to an alarm so I told her to set it & put it by my head.  Either it didn't go off or I didn't hear it cause they had about 6 other girls sent up to get them/help them get ready & finish cleaning.  The really barbie one gave Sis. C. a skirt she liked of hers. It's sad thinking I'll be saying goodbye to Sis. C. soon.  We proselyte on Monday.  My goodness-pray for me. 
Okay so I learned that gang activity gets kinda crazy at the end & start of the year.  So if you want to pick me up or come back then plan accordingly.  I think it'd be nice to come back in July or August.  We could see a few more cities.  It'd be winter here so it'll be cooler & the gang activity wouldn't be as high.  It might be cold at that time in Floripa/Santa Catarina though.  You do NOT want to rent a car here.  The roads are the most insane thing I've ever seen.  There's a waterfall in the Landrina (sp) Mission (more south) that is called Igasu Falls.  It's supposed to be like 10 Niagras put side by side.  I have Brazillian friends going there so if you want to check that area out I can ask them what there is to do.  Anyway.  There will be things to do anywhere we go. 
I'm certain I will die in this bus.  If you're worried about safety at the CTM-don't be.  Nothing is getting in or out.  Double locked gates at the front with a guard who lets you in & spikes on top of the gate.  Spikes on all the walls, accompanied by motion sensors & cameras as well.  You were right about every color of skin.  These people are beautiful.  They treat every color the same.  Have I mentioned the graffitti?  Most of it looks like the alien symbols on transformers.
Just got out from the temple.  Did initiatories again.  We'll do a session next week.  After I went in the celestial room cause Sis. C. did another sheet.  I was alone.  I just prayed real hard.  Then a temple worker came in & her tummy was going CRAAAZY!  So i read my blessing.  I've been praying real hard to know if I'm here at the correct time.  If I need to go home & come back later.  I flipped through D & C & landed on 42.  Read it.  Great.  Kept going backwards.  Read 31 again cause I love it.  But section 16 is what answered my question.  In red in 15 & 16 (section) in red I have marked "For many times you have desired of me to know that which would be of the most worth unto you....the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the knowledge of my Father."  Wowee.  I love the scriptures.  What an answer!
Ma:  About the "Chosen spirit", "Chosen One" thing.  Ask the patriarch.  That's what President Degn said.  I asked him a very broad version of my question & he said he thinks the patriarch meant something specific-he wanted to get something across.  So he said to ask HIM!  Brilliant.
You're the best
can't wait to chat
Merry (almost) Christmas
Feliz (quaze) Natal
Sister Green