Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are You Sexy, or Do You LIke To Kill?

Well Sis C. leaves tomorrow.  That means I may or may ot have a companion tomorrow after 5 a.m. and I may or may not go proselyting.  I don't remember much stuff that happened this week.  I'll have to go through my journal.  Sister Caldwell has just been packing the last few days.  Also orientation for the field has beenhappening this week.  Sister Caldwell had a meeting this week that they told me I didn't have to go with her.  So I was alone in the classroom with just 2 Elders.  It was very odd haha.  The Elders assigned us animals.  Elder Palmer is a black bear, Elder Gregory is an elephant, Elder Haws is a bull.  Elder Nascimento is a chimpanzee/skunk.  Elder Stinnett is a kudu, I am a lioness, and Sister Caldwell is a bobcat.  So the Halloween we're home, we're dressing up as our animals & sending a picture to our Elders.  Saturday & today (sunday) Brazil, or a team from Brazil were playing in the National Championship or world championship or something.  It was world cause they played against Chelsea, a team from England in the finals.  Well they won!  And everyone knew about it.  Fireworks have been going off all day from 6 a.m.  It sounds like there's a war going on outside!  We thought people were being shot.  But nope, people just setting off fireworks from their apartment balconies!  Last p-day after my letter, Sister Caldwell & I sang a duet of "far far away on Judeas Plains" as the prelude for the devotional.  The man talked about 2 Ne 31 & his wife said something that stuck.  She said that the people you talk to-if they don't convert, they will forget you ever existed.  If they DO, they will always remember you existed.  Open you mouth. 
I have a song for you.  Play Justin Biebers "boyfriend or girlfriend" or whatever it is but replace his lyrics with these.
If you were my convert, I'd never let you go
Teach you all the stories you'd ever want to know
Take you to new places you've never been befo'
memorize the scriptures like Alma 34
(swag swag swag) it's true.
Check the black nametag-you know how we do.
Cause being converted will make you feel brand new
We must go everywhere in two's, two's, two's.
That's all I got.
Thursday we got new Brazillians.  Also on thursday I got 9 new mosquito bites to keep all the other bites company!  They don't sleep here.  One on my elbow was the size of a golf ball.  Others swelled to about quarter size.  People think I have leprosy.  No big deal.  And I swear I'm the only one who gets bitten.  Good to know my blood is especially delicious :)  Volleyball was great thursday.
Saturday-I forgot to write something about the other day.  We thought Elder Martin was the Elder making annoying cat noises everywhere in the CTM (I don't think it was him, we have now caught the culprit) but Sister Caldwell asks him at lunch "voce um gato"?  Are you a cat?  He raised his eyebrows & says "sim" and presents his body which was confusing.  His companion laughed & told us (he speaks english) that in Brazil when you tell someone they are "um gato" it means "sexy".  Woops.  Good to know haha.  Also the other day Sister Caldwell showed me something & I tried to say freak but it came out "feak" so now we speak without "r's" sometimes.  "Feks sister Caldwell!  you'e my best fiend"  We find it funny.  
Ben's district had TRC with us.  The really nice blonde one accidentally asked me if I liked to kill, instead of if I wanted to change.  Sister Caldwell & I spent the whole rest of the time trying not to laugh.  I love this language!!
Any good music?  Music?  Any by that I mean movies?  Pretty tired. Yup.
We went proselyting.  It was raining pretty hard, and we left pretty late.  We took a 30 min. bus ride on public transportation to the area, had 10 min. to find people, got back on the bus & went back to the CTM.  On the bus to the area it was very crowded.  I was standing next to the instructor facing 2 people.  The teacher was a total ginger who looks like he should come from Ireland but he grew up in the most dangerous area in Sao Paulo.  We were near the front where the guy scans your card on the bus.  I had the thought.  "you've been told to talk to everyone-what are you waiting for?"  At that time I had 3 BOM's.  Most people had 4 per companionship.  I started talking to the people in the front of me.  We talked about different things & of course my lack of language & accent brought us to why I'm here.  Told them about my purpose.  Gave out 3 BOM's.  Two to the people sititng & 1 to the guy taking tickets.  The instructor helped me answer all the questions they were asking.  I looked around & all the Elders were talking with people in the bus.  It was awesome!  The people around us were listening to our conversation as well.  It was wet & rainy & I loved it.  I prayed it wouldn't be hot & for me it was perfect weather.  So grateful.
It's been very lonely by myself since Sister Caldwell left.  Guess I got used to having a companion.  The Brazillian Sisters have been so thoughtful & loving.  One of them came in to check on me while I was packing.  I went down to breakfast this morning.....walked in......stopped and thought, "wait...who am I going to sit with?"  It was sad....but funny.  Don't worry, there were plenty of people.  While I was packing I just felt so grateful.  The spirit was just overwhelming & I knelt in prayer & said thanks to Heavenly Father for helping me & letting me be here. Until next time, I will be out in the field! 
To my friends who are reading this.  HI!!!  I would LOVE some updates :)  Email me if you like at
Love you all and a very Merry Christmas!  I miss everyone but I am so excited for my first Mission Christmas!!
Sister Green

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