Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spiders. UGH

January 15, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA! I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!! Also dad's b-day is coming up right?
Last p-day was super hot. There was a lady on the street we passed by and I had the feeling I needed to go back and talk to her. I brushed it off but then felt the spirit super strong and I had the thought two more times to turn around. She had gotten out of the car because it was so hot and she wanted a little breeze. She was holding a little girl and we started talking to her. She lives in our area but its a long ways away so we hardly ever go there. but she had a 2 year old that had surgery on her lungs and after got a high fever and passed away. Now she has a 16 year old her had surgery on her uterus and has the same fever and she was afraid that she'd lose another child. So sad! We gave her number to a brother in our ward that lives in that city and he is going to go give a blessing. Anyway so cool How ever the weather can be good for something!
We've had some struggles with our investigators this week.
We had a zone meeting and i got 6 letters :):):):)   I plan on writing ya´ll back. At the zone meeting there was a strange man I don't know if he was a janitor at the chapel or a member or what but he came up and shook my hand and pulled me in and usually when this happens it's a woman and it means we kiss each others cheeks. So automatically I go for the cheek kiss like the europeans always do, but stop midair cause I realized it's a strange man I don't known and I am a missionary, ha a greenie, .... So i'm paused at the side of his face, mid pucker, and he's whispering something in my ear I don't understand. Sister Machado runs up and pushes him away and says ´fica longe, fica longe´ or stay far away, stay far away. Hahah. Oh man. So weird haha. I love Sis Machado!
We had the best lunch ever.  Then we had other delicious things and an amazing cake. I got the recipe for it, hopefully I'll be able to understand it by the time I come home haha.
We went to visit a reference. We thought he lived closer than he did.... and we went right before we had to go back home. 20 minute walk outside of the main city and we found his house. Well it was starting to get dark and there were literally swarms of mosquitoes above us and around us. We were dancing and slapping away while we introduced the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. We taught really quick. And guess who didn't bring the mosquito repellent. This girl. We left the house and... have you ever seen the other side of heaven? Where he's in the jungle and at one point goes running and screaming slapping himself cause there's so many mosquitoes? It was kinda like that. 35 new bites later.....
Honestly its been really really tough this month., I've been trying really hard to be positive and stuff.  I'm learning a lot though. My companion is a good missionary. Very direct and bold with the investigators. And she teaches in a way that they can understand everything. I'm trying to learn from her.
We had a great day yesterday- We did splits which cause me to nearly have a panic attack. I was calm on the outside like I knew exactly what was going on, but on the inside it was like... i wanted to faint. I went with a member, Sis Machado went with another. We taught 3 families, she taught 2 and that area had never had the gospel or missionaries. It was a little city really far from where we usually are and the members that lived there we had lunch with. There are only 3 families that are members there but they're super strong! We are going to ask president to send another couple of sisters there. Seriously a ´white field´. The people are so ready. our bishop wants to make a branch there. They are searching out a meeting place this week. I'm going to send home my journal and maybe some clothes. And candy for you guys with the tape...
We had a baptism finally of Gonzaga. It was good. He received the spirit and the priesthood the next day haha. I think the bishop wants to give him a calling real fast. Sis Mach thinks he'll be the ward mission leader. Hows Tressa? Anya? Kris? How far along is she?
oh also we had a less active member and her 10 year old son show up in the chapel the other day. Bishop called us to come and teach. . There's a part in the temple that came to my mind and it's totally true. She talked about the influence that satan can have in our life. She was crying and said she wanted to change and come back cause she has always known it was true and stuff.  sorry this letter is all over the place but its kinda been crazy. blah. How's ben. What's his address please?  LOVE you guys!
Sister Green...........Meet scary spider!

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