Tuesday, January 29, 2013


January 28, 2013
Hey Family,
Hows is Ben doing in Manaus?  One of the sisters I live with said she'd trade New York, Florida, Utah and any other place put together to see Manaus. She said she's certain its what the celestial kingdom will be like without the bugs and heat.
I'm staying in Tubarão and finishing my training with sis machado. This transfer is only 5 weeks and then i'll probably stay one more transfer in Tubarão to show the next sister the city. Usually how it works. Sister Camargo (the one that sings opera) is getting transferred and we're getting an American. I think I know her! She has one more month than I do and if its the same persom I think it is she is AMAZING my fav sister in the ctm besides Sister Caldwell. So i'm pretty pumped. Yeah sister machado she said she wants me to act as senior this transfer so i'm doing all the calls, planning, starting the lessons everything.... yikes. But President told her he wants me to be ready to be a senior after this transfer. Don't know if it'll actually happen and I'm pretty sure he says that about everyone. Lets see. The interview was good, it has been really hot and really rainy this week but yesterday was perfect. for breakfast nowadays I take a packet of frozen acai berries, protein powder, a banana and some chocolate drink mix (a little) and some soy milk and make a delicious shake mmmmm. Thanks for the powder kris!
It will start getting super cold in May here. People have tons of sweaters and heavy coats. Sister Machado says in winter its cold everywhere and in some places in Santa Catarina it feels like you have ice in your bed. There is water that collects on the walls and so you can't leave your stuff close to a wall or it gets wet. So i'll have to see where i'm transferred in the next few months to see how cold it'll be. I wanted to send photos but for some reason my camera isn't connecting to this computer.
So the people here don't know that xoxo means hugs and kisses. They pronounce it sho sho and it means kind of like limp. So an American wrote in Sister Santos notebook Beijos xoxo and she read it last night. I was laughing so hard. Oh man the image in my head! hahaha.
I really miss the temple I hope ya´ll are going!
We found out one sister got sent home the other week she's only been here about 4 months and she went to the doctor and she has no cartilage left in her knees. But she had had a problem before. Anyway.
There was a girl who taught the lesson yesterday. She said something I loved. Her mom would always say this to her when she's say óh i'll try....´
she said ´We don't try. we acheive. Satan tries.´
Hi Gram miss you
Love the stories about Anya.
We had a baptism this week--- Mayk. (Mike). 10 years old. He is so pure! And so sweet! I wish I had more time, AH.
Love you guys
Sister Green

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