Tuesday, January 29, 2013


January 28, 2013
Hey Family,
Hows is Ben doing in Manaus?  One of the sisters I live with said she'd trade New York, Florida, Utah and any other place put together to see Manaus. She said she's certain its what the celestial kingdom will be like without the bugs and heat.
I'm staying in Tubarão and finishing my training with sis machado. This transfer is only 5 weeks and then i'll probably stay one more transfer in Tubarão to show the next sister the city. Usually how it works. Sister Camargo (the one that sings opera) is getting transferred and we're getting an American. I think I know her! She has one more month than I do and if its the same persom I think it is she is AMAZING my fav sister in the ctm besides Sister Caldwell. So i'm pretty pumped. Yeah sister machado she said she wants me to act as senior this transfer so i'm doing all the calls, planning, starting the lessons everything.... yikes. But President told her he wants me to be ready to be a senior after this transfer. Don't know if it'll actually happen and I'm pretty sure he says that about everyone. Lets see. The interview was good, it has been really hot and really rainy this week but yesterday was perfect. for breakfast nowadays I take a packet of frozen acai berries, protein powder, a banana and some chocolate drink mix (a little) and some soy milk and make a delicious shake mmmmm. Thanks for the powder kris!
It will start getting super cold in May here. People have tons of sweaters and heavy coats. Sister Machado says in winter its cold everywhere and in some places in Santa Catarina it feels like you have ice in your bed. There is water that collects on the walls and so you can't leave your stuff close to a wall or it gets wet. So i'll have to see where i'm transferred in the next few months to see how cold it'll be. I wanted to send photos but for some reason my camera isn't connecting to this computer.
So the people here don't know that xoxo means hugs and kisses. They pronounce it sho sho and it means kind of like limp. So an American wrote in Sister Santos notebook Beijos xoxo and she read it last night. I was laughing so hard. Oh man the image in my head! hahaha.
I really miss the temple I hope ya´ll are going!
We found out one sister got sent home the other week she's only been here about 4 months and she went to the doctor and she has no cartilage left in her knees. But she had had a problem before. Anyway.
There was a girl who taught the lesson yesterday. She said something I loved. Her mom would always say this to her when she's say óh i'll try....´
she said ´We don't try. we acheive. Satan tries.´
Hi Gram miss you
Love the stories about Anya.
We had a baptism this week--- Mayk. (Mike). 10 years old. He is so pure! And so sweet! I wish I had more time, AH.
Love you guys
Sister Green

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lonely Mosquito, Mwhahaha

Januray 21, 2013

my misison home address is on my blog the very first post but here it is.
For packages use my full name without sister. SO Erica Renee Green.
R. Feliciano Nunes Pires
#42 Centro
CEP: 8815-220

Thank you so much for the email! Also glad to hear about Tressa!  My peanut butter is all gone if you can believe it... I guess thats what happens when you have bananas and peanut butter every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner haha. Anyway. I'm also in great need of muscle rub. AND A COOKIE RECIPE. The Brazillians here always ask me about cookies cause they don't know how to make them! I don't think they even have chocolate chips haha. Forgot to take a pic of the gps sorry :( anything you send me though should be sent to the mission home. Its the safest way. seriously. So just use that address above and i'll get letters about once a month. Poopy but its better than having thongs stolen. I typed that wrong but decided to leave it. hahaha. Hope you enjoyed that mom.
I got my revenge on a mosquito the other day. Sprayed it with repellent. It didn't die but at least now it will live a sad life of solitude because none of it's mosquito friends will want to be around it. mwahahaha.
Those packets of mixes are for sure a blessing. HOWS BEN????? Tell him elder martins asked me for his CTM roommates address and names all the info he can give. If he wants to write Elder Martin's that info I'd be grateful cause it's breaking the rules to send a letter to another missionary in your mission. I'd have to get permission from the president to send that information. I don't know if i told you but a recent convert gave me a gag shock pen. I can read english :).  I knew what it was. But I believed Sis Machado when she said it didn't work. I use it now during lessons or study when i'm falling asleep.I  don't even have to use the shock, just thinking about shocking myself wakes me up haha.
We had an amazing week. We didn't have any baptisms but that city Jaguaruna we have started going to is just a font waiting to be filled. Every person we met was receptive and excited about the Book of Mormon. They said it only makes sense that there were people living in the Americas. A lot of them have been looking for the truth and didn't know where to find it. So pumped! We are having a big fhe tonight at a members house there. Sis Machado said I need to teach the message because she thinks it's more powerful when Americans teach because of the gift of tongues, but I am kind of... panic. That's the word. There will be over 20 people and if I screw this up... man. Ah. Anyway. Hows Ben? Oh and hows Ben? Oh and what's Ben doing?  That's all I got for this week.  Love you guys and thank's for writing me!
Sister Green

Spiders. UGH

January 15, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA! I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!! Also dad's b-day is coming up right?
Last p-day was super hot. There was a lady on the street we passed by and I had the feeling I needed to go back and talk to her. I brushed it off but then felt the spirit super strong and I had the thought two more times to turn around. She had gotten out of the car because it was so hot and she wanted a little breeze. She was holding a little girl and we started talking to her. She lives in our area but its a long ways away so we hardly ever go there. but she had a 2 year old that had surgery on her lungs and after got a high fever and passed away. Now she has a 16 year old her had surgery on her uterus and has the same fever and she was afraid that she'd lose another child. So sad! We gave her number to a brother in our ward that lives in that city and he is going to go give a blessing. Anyway so cool How ever the weather can be good for something!
We've had some struggles with our investigators this week.
We had a zone meeting and i got 6 letters :):):):)   I plan on writing ya´ll back. At the zone meeting there was a strange man I don't know if he was a janitor at the chapel or a member or what but he came up and shook my hand and pulled me in and usually when this happens it's a woman and it means we kiss each others cheeks. So automatically I go for the cheek kiss like the europeans always do, but stop midair cause I realized it's a strange man I don't known and I am a missionary, ha a greenie, .... So i'm paused at the side of his face, mid pucker, and he's whispering something in my ear I don't understand. Sister Machado runs up and pushes him away and says ´fica longe, fica longe´ or stay far away, stay far away. Hahah. Oh man. So weird haha. I love Sis Machado!
We had the best lunch ever.  Then we had other delicious things and an amazing cake. I got the recipe for it, hopefully I'll be able to understand it by the time I come home haha.
We went to visit a reference. We thought he lived closer than he did.... and we went right before we had to go back home. 20 minute walk outside of the main city and we found his house. Well it was starting to get dark and there were literally swarms of mosquitoes above us and around us. We were dancing and slapping away while we introduced the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. We taught really quick. And guess who didn't bring the mosquito repellent. This girl. We left the house and... have you ever seen the other side of heaven? Where he's in the jungle and at one point goes running and screaming slapping himself cause there's so many mosquitoes? It was kinda like that. 35 new bites later.....
Honestly its been really really tough this month., I've been trying really hard to be positive and stuff.  I'm learning a lot though. My companion is a good missionary. Very direct and bold with the investigators. And she teaches in a way that they can understand everything. I'm trying to learn from her.
We had a great day yesterday- We did splits which cause me to nearly have a panic attack. I was calm on the outside like I knew exactly what was going on, but on the inside it was like... i wanted to faint. I went with a member, Sis Machado went with another. We taught 3 families, she taught 2 and that area had never had the gospel or missionaries. It was a little city really far from where we usually are and the members that lived there we had lunch with. There are only 3 families that are members there but they're super strong! We are going to ask president to send another couple of sisters there. Seriously a ´white field´. The people are so ready. our bishop wants to make a branch there. They are searching out a meeting place this week. I'm going to send home my journal and maybe some clothes. And candy for you guys with the tape...
We had a baptism finally of Gonzaga. It was good. He received the spirit and the priesthood the next day haha. I think the bishop wants to give him a calling real fast. Sis Mach thinks he'll be the ward mission leader. Hows Tressa? Anya? Kris? How far along is she?
oh also we had a less active member and her 10 year old son show up in the chapel the other day. Bishop called us to come and teach. . There's a part in the temple that came to my mind and it's totally true. She talked about the influence that satan can have in our life. She was crying and said she wanted to change and come back cause she has always known it was true and stuff.  sorry this letter is all over the place but its kinda been crazy. blah. How's ben. What's his address please?  LOVE you guys!
Sister Green...........Meet scary spider!

Cute Little Dogs!

January 8, 2013

Hey Family!
Okay so new years was kinda weird. we all watched movies which was fun and made this habanada not sure how its spelled but its like a... churro. but a whole peice of bread.  but all i could think about at midnight when the other girls were celbrating that they were going home this year... i was thinking^´ hey me t..... awww. no... i~ll still be here next year haha. our english class is having great success. we~ve not got about 30 ants and a few mosquitos. their accent is coming along, but all the chairs are empty. we'll keep advertising and see what happens. we did splits two days this week because a sister was sick. my companion stayed home with her half the day both days and i worked all day:).  I dont think i'll be sending home any packages.... its about 30 bucks for every kg. or 2.2 pounds. so a 5 pound package is over 50 dollars. sorry. I had a headache of the gods the other day. I was seeing stars and felt like i was going to pass out. probably lack of sleep haha. There's two dogs here that chill on the street near our house on the way to our area. the other sisters said that they named them batman (bachman) and robin (hobin). But robin disappeared for a little while but the other day he came back with a little tie on and was all washed and clean. Yay robin! Batman is the same dirty little dog as ever. haha I was hit by a motorscooter the other day. We were at the supermarket going in and there was a sidewalk that went in from of the parking garage. We were on the sidewalk and a young girl driving the scooter was turned around talking to her friend on the back and decided not to stop at the stop sign so I jumped and spread my legs so the wheel went in between (awkward in a skirt) and held onto the handle bars. Luckily she wasn't giong very fast but i just stood there very confused at what just happened and said "sorry" in portuguese and kept walking and the girl on the back said "say your apologies to god!"...... I will.... thank you? haha. Later that night I told the sisters we live with the dramatic story of how i was hit by a motor scooter, knocked to the ground and got up and punched the lady in the face, ran into the supermarket, was followed in there. The lady pulled out a gun and Sister Machado defended me by throwing boxes of pizzas at the woman. They believed me right up until the gun part and Sister Machado collapsed laughing on her bed haha. Oh the other day at a members house after lunch we were on splits again so it was at a members house that wasn't in my ward thank goodness. But they asked me to say the closing prayer and I bowed my head and said ´dear gracious Heavenly Father...´ and thought ´something is wrong... what just happened.... OH NO..... I said it in english! What do i do, what do i do, ah just keep going in portuguese maybe they wont notice!´ Then in very poor portuguese because I was so nervous I finished the prayer. after the prayer they all smiled and told me how good it was hahahahaha. Oh man. We left the house and Sister Santos started laughing haha. The ward here is pretty much all converts so they don't know all the hymns yet. I picked Behold the Great Redeemer Died as the sacrament hymn (its my unsaid calling now to pick and lead the hymns) and I thought that would be good cause its popular in our ward ma. But nobody knew it.... So it was an unplanned, unaccompanied solo of mine and slightly more than kinda awkward. But they bore their testimonies that ´even though we don't know all of the hymns... the church is still true´ about  5 people said that. Hahah. But the positive is more members want to join the choir and learn the hymns! Woot!   17 new mosquito bites from 2 days ago. I'm going to buy new mosquito repellent that I can carry with me causeIi guess 2 times a day isn't enough. Hows ben doing?????????? Everytime I think that my mission is hard I just think ´yeah but at least i'm not in Bens mission....´ maybe thats bad but I would die with that heat. Yikes.
We had to postpone our baptism again. But we hope to have 3 or 4 more this month so thats good at least. A cute old lady gave me perfume cause I gave her a present (the book of mormon). It's not the best smelling but I still use it cause its better than being stinky :) And ma you know I hate being stinky. I was helping sister santos with english the other day and one of the words in her book was functioning but the portuguese accent left out the n after fu.... hahahah i tried not to giggle and told her how important that letter was.

I'm going to make goals today of who I want to be after the mission, like what I want to get out of my mission and work towards that. I'm also working on praying more sincerely. Some of the prayers the members say here make me want to cry its so beautiful. Have you seen the video on lds.org about the temple in manaus? You should watch it. I got teary eyed. So amazing. the fridge, tv, stove, bed..... it's basically all these people have some houses are better than others.... But some houses are made just out of planks of wood.... They have a handbuilt gate to keep the stray dogs out but they are just so happy! I'm getting pretty tan. The other sisters called me moreno (a brown brazillian girl) the other day haha made my night. I told one of our investigators that smoking and inviting girls into their home who shouldn't be there is inviting satan in. Doing things you know you are wrong makes it easier for him, and it chases the spirit away. I used 2 tim 1:7. one of our investigators.  Where we were told a lady takes care of dogs. We clapped at the gate and she literally has probably 50 dogs. The 30 or so dogs outside started barking and then more appeared at the door and windows. I couldn't take it I was laughing so hard. she came out and saw the box and said NO I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE. I DON'T HAVE ANY PHYSICAL ROOM! we believed it. so for the next 4 hours i carried around a box of puppies and we talked to everyone trying to find a home for them. Funny thing is I had prayed that morning for God to help me me thin and toned arms when I got home. I'm thinking maybe iIshould start praying that i'll be fat and weak. hahaha! My arms hurt so bad! The boy got taken away and his sister was so upset. That she peed and threw up in the box. fun.
She also had fleas
And maybe ticks
She would scratch herself and I'd see little black things fall and the disappear. Scary! We dropped her off at the bishops home and his blessed wife scrubbed and debugged her. Then we gave her to our investigator.  We named her sister dog cause she was our third companion that day. She is super cute.   I'll try to grab a pic next time we go see her. We told our investigator her name was sisi. (see- see) cause his daughter calls us that. His daughter loves us by the way she~s 6 or 7 and wants to be a sister when she grows up. The first time we met her she was wearing a short dress and the next time we saw her she was wearing a long dress. She had seen what we were wearing and told her dad that she needed to wear longer dresses haha awesome. So life is good in Florinapolis.  I love and miss my family and friends.  Thanks to those who write me!  Very much appreciated.  Love you all!
Sister Green

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Hi mom I don't have much time
It was so great to see everyone on christmas eve!!   I will try to send some pics. Thank you for EVERTHING loved it ALL AND THE QUOTE BOOK WAS AWSEOME!
One thing on christmas it was 42 degrees c here thats about 108 plus humidity. The girl from up near where Ben is serving said this is what it feels like at home. I said how do you get anything done in this heat? WHAT do you do? She said sit around a fan and hope for death lol. Have fun Ben!
The sunday before Christmas, Well, I led the music.   No piano so I sang the introduction haha.  Elena, Marcio & Gonzaga came to church & Elena left so happy.  She loved primary.  Gonzaga said this was the answer he needed.  Sweet! 
 Wow. Its been so crazy. The first days are not easy. One thing i forgot to mention is one of the first things my mission presidents wife said to me is ýou look like a little girl. How old are you.'   Lol. Again..... Always happens ha.
There are little maggot-like black worms that I discovered under my shampoo bottle last time I was showering.  You pick up the bottle and they are on the floor and they crawl away to the edge, so I have little friends in there with me so I never shower alone :D 
We're watching movies today which is awesome. (received this on New Years Eve)   Oh i cleaned the bathroom today... holy yuck.   I'll never complain about cleaning our bathrooms at home ever again.
Also i have some letters i plan on sending later to people. OH!!!! The mini preach my gospels in portuguese. Everyone here wants one. Whenever I whip it out people FREAK!   It's amazing and everyone wants one.  Ah I wish I could give one to everyone!  It's SO much easier and better!
The choc kisses were great but I ate them all real fast cause it was 108 that day and we only have one fan and no a/c.
  Def wont be sending all the leters today this comp is super slow.  Have you ever read the lyrics to a poor wayfaring man of grief? Oh my goodness they are amazing. 5 elders sang that song accapella before I left the ctm and I about cried it was beautiful.
gtg bye love you.

P.S.  Christmas at the bishops house was awesome!  I loved it.  His daughter loves a cerain british band and was playing their music the whole time we were there almost. Gods gift to me was coldplay music on christmas :D The church is true!! I'll have to write a snail mail letter.  Love you all!!