Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two posts :)

(ericas email)

Yay for being a missionary!

YES I got the mission ties email. I replied with a letter just for you guys :)

Angie, yes obama sucks

I'm so very happy now that I can write through mission ties haha. ah its like a vacation. The food is okay. I stopped worrying about bugs. It's still all fattening.

Yeah I'm super sad about Ben, I pray all the time that he'll at least be able to make it.

I'm working really hard at learning the language. I bought an ensign in portuguese (thats all they had) and I'll just have to try and translate the talks. But its good because it will force me to use my dictionary and learn english. I've stopped reading the english BOM and am now trying to read only the portuguese. I may not feel the spirit as strongly or read as much because I"m looking up words every two seconds but its getting easier. I can read mail any day I get it BTW but I can't send until tuesdays here. Its been raining lots lately.

I'm excited for your letter! I miss Anya way bad and everyone. Tell dad I expect an extra long paragraph about him next time.

The hardest adjustment has been not being able to run :( as long as I want anyway... their track is really weird here... I'd take a picture of it but we are only allowed to take pictures in certain areas here.

Thank you for everything you do for me. I know you love me lots and I can feel your prayers from here. I"m sorry that I'm so expensive.

Ammon and Christ didn't have much on their missions and I have what I need. If I'm starving or naked.... then I'll let you know. But you've already spent enough.

I'm glad kris's job is back to normal (Kristin, her sister works for the airlines). The weather sounded pretty crazy.

Oh man I can't think of much else to say. And I've got 5 minutes left! I think I included everything in my huge letter is the problem. don't worry, I wrote it on the bus to the temple and during free time on sundays. Sundays are the best we get like 3 hours to take a nap or do whatever. In the field its your busiest day though so I'm enjoying it now.

Anyway I hope I answered all of your questions. Kirsten Mills. I am STILL waiting for your address you slacker.

If you get a chance tell Bron (Breanne) that I'd like the singles ward bishop's wife's address.... that probably didn't make any sense....

Also I lost an address of a friend at work. Mary Goodell she's the HUC on wed thurs fri and sat so if you work thurs (she works nights) call up and please ask her. I don't want her to think i forgot about her.

Its kinda strange right now with the language. Its like I'm at a point where I'm forgetting the words in English and can't remember the portuguese words. So I"m stuck in this awkward stuttering, mime phase. Its super weird and pathetic.

Also Sister Caldwell is realizing how weird of things I do. She just laughs. At least it makes her happy. I love my companion! Also I'm tripping more than a normal person should. Love you can't wait for your letter!!!!!!

Love you love you love you.

Sister Green

(Her letter)

Ben, PLEASE come to the CTM when you can! (her brother Ben, went to the provoe MTC, visa waiting) It is the best way to prepare for the language. ALso I Miss You and didn't get to say goodbye! The CTM is really fun! Plus you get to leave on P-day which is super nice. Plus, this temple is so much cooler, and the people here are way cooler (me :)) So Come, badumyoubum! Only one guy in your group got his visa out of like 40 and there are a bunch still waiting at Provo, like 75. They come in groups so probably in the next week or so. I'm hoping :( The CTM (brazils MTC) is small, so you're like family & you make friends & talk with so many people. It is really beautiful here.

I'm getting used to the climate slowly. I Love hearing about Anya (Erica's niece) I'm glad she went pee and poo on the big girl potty! I haven't been so interested in somebodys body functions since I worked at the hospital! Congrats Kristin on being pregnant with a little dude!

So Ma, with Ben's visa not getting there, that Elder you found that you don't know is the only Elder out of about 40 people who got his visa. Tender Mercy (we had to get Erica a new debit card, so we posted on facebook and found an Elder in washington through one of Ben's EFY counselors from 2 years ago). Tell gram hi & I miss her & think about her often. I'm glad she's safe & that the protection was extended to her as well. I want PICTURES! I didn't bring enough and would love more please :)

Something for you Ma and Angie, The secretary & choir director here is is her second mission in Brazil. She has collected over 80 of her favorite recipes from different Brazillian things (ward parties etc) and the one thing I DID remember was a flashdrive. You're welcome :) I will send them wehn I can plug into a computer.

Charlie-the movie- is the story of the Patriarch in Sister Caldwell ward. So crazy.

Well you have been asking so here is my daily schedule. Every day we get up, get ready, eat, personal and companion study, then usually gym, lab, which is like rosetta stone & the gospel, then practice & study & lunch. Breakfast is usually rolls, some sort of meat that's a little questionable, cheese that looks like a block of feta. Lunch is 3 types of meat or pasta or something, salad, beans & rice. And rolls. Dinner is the same. After lunch, you have class with an instructor. OUrs in Armazon. He used to have gages & piercings in his nose & lips. He converted. He is super nice. After dinner, we have Costa. He speaks english really well and is SO funny! We really enjoy him. We teach only in Portugese. Next we teach investigators. We are given a little background on them. It is recorded & then goes to a database where you can watch & evaluate yourself or you can watch other people. There is this redhead kid in another district who we LOVE. He is so awkward and adorable, so we always look for his videos. One time he did a less talented gangham-style type jump dance thing all around the room & his companions weren't even phased. Sister Caldwell & I were dying. But this is the best one yet. So with the camera rolling, the "investigators" open the door. So they all sit down & the missionaries are at week 2, so not a lot of portugese. Se the missionaries are offered a snack of cookie dip. All of this is in portugese. So the missionaries take a bite & say thanks & the investigator who brought the snack says something in portugese very cheerfully. It translates to "if you guys're going to die. The missionaries just nodded slowly & looked at each other while the "investigators" tried hard not to laugh or smile. There were a couple seconds of awkward silence because the missionaries didn't understand, then they moved on. It was hilarious, but you probably had to be there.

We were sent a DVD of a devotional Bednar gave the wed. after conference. He talked about how in our studies we need to look for the doctrine, the invitation & the promised blessings. He said that the promised blessings aren't just things that we hope will happen, they are promised to us & sealed by the power that the Apostles hold. We watched a few conference talks but I think this could be applied to scriptures as well. It will change how I watch conference.
I was told a very sad story by a guy in my district, who, I think was expecting sister Caldwell & I to laugh. he was on Trek & there was a mean girl who was kind of snappy & was a little different. She had stolen a kids pancake that morning & he was upset. So when she went into the porrta-potty, this kid took some fireworks, lit a big one & dropped it down the hole at the top of the porta potty. It plopped in the toilet & exploded causing the girl to be covered in anything that had been collected. I felt so bad for the girl I literally cried haha! What is the matter wiht me?!

Our Brazillian roomies leave this week in a big group. They will share their testimony tonight, we'll take pitcures & say goodbyes. We will miss them.

I miss peanut butter. Sometimes I just wish I could have a Tablespoon of peanut butter for breakfast instead of rolls. Sister Caldwell & I are going to the store for P-day to look for protein bars or something else we can eat for breakfast. The Elders in my group like to steal food from this one Elderr in my gorup while he prays at meals, so now he takes inventory of his food when hi sits down.

Sister Caldwell & I are trying to fast once a week. The rain here is my fave. The storm are super cool. After our workouts Sister Caldwell & I are playing volleyball with the Elders. We love it. Sister Caldwell & everyone else make fun of my wierd dance/jump serve, but it works everytime :) I finally had to go back to serving like a normal person so that they had a chance to have the ball haha.

OH, there is a house pretty visable from our classroom & one day the Elders look over & in the privacy of his own home, a man was enjoying his birthday suit. It happens pretty often I guess & they just close the blinds haha.

Armazon had us go over AEIOU vowels out loud & I couldn't stop thinking about Tarzan. When he is teaching Jane "gorilla". We sounded like that.

I believe this saturday will be my halfway CTM mark. Oh, btw Ma, Sister Caldwell & I are in the choir. We are learning the Lord my pasture will prepare. It's way pretty.

That's all I got. Love ya'll. Can't wait for my next letter!

Love Sister Green (a drawing of lips) Mwah!

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