Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ben, Laughing, and Spankings :)

Hi!  To answer a couple of questions, no i can't meet ben. they bring him through the back of the mtc and go straight into meetings.  but. \yes we will proselite on the streets before we leave the ctm. my emglish is starting to go sorry for misspellings. umm umm ummm...... no high fives means that you can't touch the elders. hahaha mostly its just thumbs up here.....
i got a spiritual spanking this week. just very humbling in both the language and the gospel. After I sent my email last week ma I got your letter. Thank you its in my journal. And i finally got the secretary of the CTM to print my blessing for me. I probably read it like 3 times a day. Our president plays piano amazing. he did an arragement of a poor wayfaring man of grief and praise to the man and we thank thee oh god for a prophet and most of the audience was weeping. ha weeping. I'm a misisonary. Sorry these keyboards are tards. my comp and I are getting to know each other better and better. Telling funny stories. Tressa ash and Bron I need you to write me funny things that have happened with us. I'm running out of material. Also I had a dream you three were hiding something from me... is there something I need to know ? haha. on that note i also had a dream that mckenna and whitney hated me. I just haven\'t been sleeping well in general... ONE WEEK BEN! ONE WEEK AND YOURE HERE! don't even worry pretty much everyone has heard of you. I tell everyone I see. I'll try to be in the area when he arrives to tackle him.  We are getting 40 new americans this week.  Ben's whole district is headed for manaus pretty much. I'm so glad I was single when I left. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be a missionary while your heart is at home. The second week was better, the days for sure went faster but maybe thats because we have more to do and we are using the language more. The dumbest things are so funny here. Porbably cause we are starved of regular entertainment. The elders switched the pens on mine and sis cladwells desks while we were in the bathroom and we laughed for about 3 minutes. Like I said. dumb. also they put a lock on a kids backpack. they gave him 2 numbers to the combination. we killed ourselves over that one. ha.... wow.

There are 2 ways to say "sorry" in portuguese. One is desculpe which means it was me. the other one is sinto muito which means I feel. Like I feel you bro. JK. But one of our teachers told a story of how he had a cat he loved at home but while he was on his mission somebody killed it. 3 months before he got home. Sister Caldwell says 'awwwww.... desculpe'. we laughed pretty hard over that one too. the song we taught our brazillian roommates this week was '"we are never ever ever ever getting back our leather". By taylor swift of course. I did popcorn popping this week ma for some reason i don't remember but it made me miss anya a lot. (Anya is her niece)  we had a fireside about going to bed on time... and then we tried to... but it didn't happen... I got too into studying about fasting (its in the mission ties letter ma) and the next morning our portuguese seriously suffered so bad. I looked at sister caldwell and said "we have got to go to bed on time cause this is just no good". So we did. But I keep waking up. Or having dreams that my friends hate me.  A huge thank you for the emails and letters.  You know who you are :)  I wish I had written more missionaries than I made time for.  Being on this side of it, you realize how great they are!  I"m getting kicked out love you.

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