Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love My Life!

How is everyone?  I would love updates :)
On the flight I talked to a nice man from Brasillia (capital). When you fly into Sao Paulo, its wall to wall buildings. And no grid system so its just.... crazy. No hills or mountains or really parks its just buildings. And the driving is NUTSO. It is so stressful to watch out the windsheild I just put my head down haha. Our President worked in special effects and is a very nice man. So our first day I was so paraniod about waking up on time that I woke up every two hours haha.  That night 2 crazy brasillian roommates moved into our room.... usually don't get them until week 3 but I guess we're lucky because I love them and they help alot with language.
I love my companion. She is a teeny little thing and so cute. Her name is Sister Caldwell. She's very cheerful but has been going through some homesickness and things. She likes to teach our Brazillian roommates the wrong lyrics to English songs like "call me maybe". The boys in my group are 19... but I am starting to really enjoy them. We had a "workie shopie" and one of the classes was on chastity and the braziliian teacher gave a hilarious story to go with it. Its a bird that is freezing up in a tree and a cow comes along and "does something disgusting". He looks down and says "oh thats disgusting... but it looks warm..." so he flies down and sticks his foot in and says "oh that's disgusting... but it IS warm...." so he puts his other foot in. And then his body is freezing so he bends his knees. And it goes on until he is neck deep in something disgusting. The next morning he wakes up and is frozen in this thing.
Speaking of crap...... they do lanche at night which is snack its a roll, apple and hot coco... "coco quentie" is hot crap. So now all the elders and brazillians call it hot crap. No high fives here with boys. Storms are insane. Everyone gets fat here. Beautiful people. Love my teachers. Miss my family and friends. :\
Time is up! Please send my mom addresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you
Sis Green

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  1. I see you have already experienced the joys of new sleep schedules :P keep up the good work of the Lord!!